Prezi meets Pecha Kucha – E-Day 2013 request show

E-Day 2013 request show powered by Pecha Kucha

Program for E-Day 2013 request show - Pecha Kucha - with mcprezi - presentation & Prezi

E-Day 2013 (, the largest event in e-business in Austria, was held in Vienna on March 7, 2013. More than 3000 visitors were able to explore five halls, providing an overview of the innovations and future prospects in this field.

The ‘request show’ was a new feature at E-Day, which allowed users to bring suggestions for presentation topics. The suggestions were then put to the vote: The top seven were chosen and then presented in Pecha Kucha style.

Pecha Kucha is a presentation style from Japan in which 20 slides can be shown for 20 seconds each, with the slides automatically skipping to the next after this time is up. This results in a maximum of 6 minutes and 40 seconds presentation time.

mcprezi at the request show – with Presentation 2.0 & Prezi

Thanks to the help of the users, we at mcprezi also took part in the request show. The presentation by Michael Sinnhuber at the E-Day 2013 request show of the Austrian Economic Chamber can be viewed below.

The theme was

“Slide bombardment? No thanks! Time for Presentation 2.0”

You can see the presentation by Michael Sinnhuber together with the associated Prezi here:

Video source: (recorded by W24)

Prezi meets Pecha Kucha – an interesting experience

While with Pecha Kucha you usually create 20 numbered images or a maximum of 20 slides in PowerPoint, we from mcprezi have taken a new approach. The presentation with Prezi was created entirely in line with Presentation 2.0 and then automatically played back in Pecha Kucha style (the function is integrated in Prezi).

The presentation is in the mcprezi Prezi account here or here:

E-Day 2013 request show powered by Pecha Kucha

In addition to the presentation by Michael Sinnhuber, there were also six other presentations in Pecha Kucha style at the E-Day request show.

The program and all the topics were as follows:

  • Obstacles for SMEs when selling their products on the Internet Dieter Kindl / Rakuten Austria GmbH» Presentation (pdf / 7.67MB)
  • Monthly e-newsletter or real customer interaction? Christine Pendl / Büro für Online Kommunikation» Presentation (pdf / 4.81MB)
  • Social Media Entertainment Gustav Götz / MediaBrothers» Presentation (pdf / 5.50MB)
  • More success and more sales with a website and online shop Emile Schenk / Donauweb IT Solutions» Presentation (pdf / 1.91MB)
  • Slide bombardment – No thanks! Time for Presentation 2.0 Michael Sinnhuber / (mcsinn – useful online marketing)» Presentation (Prezi) or see above
  • Miss Earth *beauties for a cause* Sina Schmid / OnStage Austria Ltd.» Presentation (pdf /9.85MB)
  • When communication goes wrong: shit storms and strategies for problem-solving with the online community Jürgen Haslauer / Online-Stratege» Presentation (pdf /7.21MB)

Presenter: Maximilian Kamenar (Pecha Kucha Night Vienna)

The video, including the introduction and all the presentations, is available through the E-Day Video on Demand service: