The Truth About Powerpoint

I’m sorry, but I have to say this 😱

This will probably offend you…

But everytime I hear someone say “Powerpoint is so boring”… It really makes me angry.

Listen, if you think that having a fancy “prezi” or animated presentation is going to help you…

It is complete bullshit! 💩

Powerpoint is not boring – YOU are!

Powerpoint is just a tool. And, while a tool can help you to create great things, it can never ever be responsible for a bad outcome.

Think about it… would you hold your car responsible for crashing into the car in front of you?

Yes, you can create awesome presentations with Prezi.
If you know how….

But, you can also create awesome presentations with Powerpoint.
If you know how…

So, it is the “Know How”, that differentiates a persuasive from a boring presentation, not the tool used.

My tip: Before you open any presentation software, get that basics right. Think about the people in your audience & their challenges, your message, your content and your story.

Then you are on the right track to creating a convincing presentation.

Not by blaming the software.

Focus on the story THEN the presentation.